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We know this is a complicated question, our funders are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse startup community; this data helps track how we are doing based on cultural heritage.
Domi is committed to building a diverse startup community--one that looks just like our city looks in terms of age, gender, and race/ethnicity. We collect high-level demographic data in order to internally assess our progress toward diversity goals. Note: We keep all individual level data confidential.
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About Our Program
Scale Up is a new incubation program we are piloting. It requires setting up short/medium/long term goals and working hard towards achieving them. You will receive the support of Domi staff and mentors but need to be committed to working towards the assigned goals and reporting on progress.
Participation in the program requires regular updates on key performance indicators based on your individual goals as well as periodic surveys of economic impact and progress required by our funders. Domi collects high-level economic development related data in order to report to our funding partners and prove the value of entrepreneurship support. We share this data as required by our grantors and donors (such as the Economic Development Agency).