UberOps - an elite data integration and cloud computer company, is coming to Domi Station in search of talented and dynamic candidates interested in cyber security job opportunities. Team members will be discussing positions available in the company and providing an inside look at the day-to-day of an UberOper. 

We will have a panel discussion about Building Web Applications for Safe Environments starting at 6:00pm, featuring guest speakers from UberOps and Booz Allen Hamilton.

All interested in applying to cyber security jobs at UberOps, please email your resume to hr@uberops.com  

We look forward to seeing you there!

Recruitment in this event is open to students and professionals. 

Speakers Info:

Philip Morrison is the Chief Security Officer and lead maintainer of the security operations for UberOps. Since joining UberOps in 2013, Phil has spent a great portion of his time investigating new ways to make their environments protected and more secure. With his Top Secret Security clearance, Department of Defense level experience, and the goal of making an autonomous security threat detection and remediation system that went beyond the norm, Phil created UberMonitoring in July 2013 and has maintained and continued to develop more features in it every month since then. With a true passion for what he does, people often wonder if he really does sleep. His slogan is `If you have to do something more than once, automate the process`, or in more techy terms "I've got a Shell Script for that".

Blake Sharin is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and has been working in network security for over a decade. As part of the UberMonitoring core-team and Data Protection Officer for UberOps, Blake is responsible for hardening the network operations systems for internal security and for clients through Amazon Web Services as well as ensuring the legitimacy of all users on UberOps and client networks. He is notorious for attacking a problem head on first and asking questions later. Whatever you do, don't send him an incomplete Network Access Request Form!

Jay Townsend is a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton. Mr. Townsend has over 30 years of strategic and executive program management experience developed from working across multiple public and private organizations and from hands-on leadership experience as an infantry Major in the U.S. Army.  Jay is currently the lead of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cybersecurity Retail Practice and has provided consulting and leadership support for cybersecurity programs and executive strategic planning functions for many of the major Fortune 50 retail companies across the country.

More About UberOps:

UberOps is an elite data integration and cloud computing company. We meet technical challenges head on and deploy tactical resources that guarantee client success. Our goal is to provide the absolute highest quality software solutions and work with the best IT professionals in the industry. Period. We look beyond our bottom line and measure success by the success of our clients.