AdvancedREI is out to change the way people invest in real estate. Their web and mobile platform allows investors to build dynamic models that outperform traditional models in both speed and accuracy.  Robert McLaws, AdvancedREI's Tallahassee-based CTO, told us over email that he and Jeff Yrueta, the company's Los Angeles-based CEO, have worked collaboratively over the last couple years (despite being thousands of miles apart) to deliver a software-as-a-service package that combines best practice financial formulas and market data with decades of domain expertise. According to McLaws, AdvancedREI's interface design  "break[s] the process of making an investment decision into manageable chunks, making the app feel like it knows what you need and understands you."  

Their explicit focus on an investor's user experience has resulted in a product that adds real value to the market. "We’re striving for something that’s more than just artificial intelligence," McLaws said. "Something that feels more like artificial intuition."

AdvancedREI"s UX is characterized by bold colors and clean design.  See more screenshots on their website. 

AdvancedREI"s UX is characterized by bold colors and clean design. See more screenshots on their website. 

The AdvancedREI team understands the kind of hard work and relentless iteration it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. After launching a new version last month, they "took about 5 minutes to celebrate" before diving into a new set of features they say will add more value to their product. With more than 400 early adopters in tow and paid accounts launching in the next few weeks, the company is ready to drive towards monetization.

In McLaws' estimation, the people and resources of Tallahassee have played a significant role in his company's early momentum. "Getting referrals and finding leads has been vastly different [in Tallahassee] than it has been in a less friendly Los Angeles," he said. 

In addition to launching new features and paid accounts, the company's next steps include raising funding, a process McLaws said the team is looking forward to learning more about. "The one thing about a startup is the learning never stops."  

Truer words may have never been spoken. 


To track AdvancedREI's journey towards startup superstardom, follow along on their blog.