The end of each year is a great time to look back at our accomplishments and set new goals for the year ahead. While most people's New Year's resolutions tend to revolve around staying healthy, losing weight, and living life to the fullest, entrepreneurs often have their own set of goals they wish to accomplish. 

We asked our startup community what resolutions they had planned for 2016, and this is what they had to say:

1. Barbara Wescott | Point Catcher

"I want to help grow a vibrant buy-local Tallahassee community for businesses and customers alike."

2. Wade Henning | The Meaning of Shape Company

 In 2016, I want to practice yoga or meditation 4 times a week. Also, I want to provide our software-as-a-service application to 500 end users and win a significant R&D/commercialization grant." 

3. Charounson Saintilus | Conmart

"Next year's goals include recruitment of an experienced data scientist for the Conmart team, building and launching the MVP, and raising a seed round."

4. Mark Powell | HWind Scientific (now RMS)

"In 2015, HWind resolved to graduate from Domi Station and in 2016 we will take residence as "RMS Tallahassee" in new digs, just a couple of blocks away at the "Barn" (corner of Madison and Copeland). The new year has exciting things waiting for us ans we would really like to thank all the mentors and members at Domi for helping in our success!"

5. Patrick Breslend | Optimal Bagging

"I have two goals for the new year. First, I want to exceed the expectations of those who have helped me grow. Second, I want to build a quick-pack manufacturing facility that will add economic value to our community."

6. Christine Urban | Entrepreneur

"For 2016, I'd like to join a highly scalable startup."

7. Julia Holly | JH Creative

"My personal goal for next year is to find that perfect balance between family time and work. For JH Creative, I would like to first make twice as much using less time. Second, create more strategic connections. And third, be part of a positive progress for the local creative community."

8. Jason McIntosh and Mitch Nelson | DivvyUp

"In 2016, DivvyUp has a goal to give 20,000 pairs of socks to those in need across the United States."

9. Jacob Waites | Entrepreneur

"For my new year's resolution, I'm taking inspiration from the great Honey Boo Boo when I say that I am pretty cool now, but I wanna get cooler next year."

10. Dante Bland | Unufy

"In the new year, I want to begin Beta launch for my app Unufy."


11. Lucas Lindsey | Domi Station

"In 2016 I'd like to see Tallahassee's startup community featured in at least two national publications. We have a story to tell!"

12. William McCluskey | Proper Channel

"Sell 1,000 licenses for Proper Channel and play a pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee!"

13. Jonathan James | Entrepreneur

"In 2016 I will complete a professional business analysis training program by passing the IIBA, CBAP, and CCBA certification exams, and pursue a creative strategy & business analysis path." 

14. Jeremy Cason | Entrepreneur

"My new years resolution for both Kargoh and Merge is to release fully functional apps before the summer."

15. Peter Salvatore | Entrepreneur

"In the new year I will nurture my family, embrace communities, and hack the planet with rigorous discipline #YOLO."