Tallahassee is at a turning point. Support organizations from across the community have rallied to build a network of resources for local entrepreneurs. Each week, the calendar fills with events that offer both networking and education. Each day, entrepreneurs take on the challenge of building the future by pushing the boundaries of business and technology. 

Our startup community needs something else, though. It needs everyone it can get to contribute in their own way. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an experienced entreprenuer, an investor, a mentor, or a talented service provider, Tallahassee's startup community needs you. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Here's a quick rundown on 5 ways you can jump in, lend a hand, and even take the lead. 

1. Attend Local Events

As startup energy has increased, so too has the number of meetups, workshops, and get-togethers. Morning, noon, or night–-there’s a grab bag of events that’ll fit any schedule, and most are only a couple clicks away thanks to sites like Eventbrite and Meetup. Check up on local event calendars to stay ahead of the curve:

Domi Events Page
JMI Events Page
Innovation Park Events Page
TalTech Events Page

Meetup groups are another way to stay engaged and keep in the loop. There's a long list, something for every interest, but some of the highlights include Domi Startups, Capital City .NET, Refresh Tallahassee, Making Awesome, PythonTLH, TallyJS, and TechnologyGrows

2. Sign Up for the Domi Dispatch

Every couple of weeks, we release a roundup local startup news, including events, startup profiles, job opportunities, and much more. Subscribe here, and never miss a beat! 

3. Take Advantage of Community Resources

Whether they’ve been around for a couple years or are just getting started, our community is rich with programs for aspiring entrepreneurs. As these programs align and coordinate, they’ll only continue to get better, providing an A to Z set of resources targeted to each phase of a business’s lifecycle. In no particular order, here’s a list of some of our best local resources:

TalTech Alliance
Tal/Leon EDC EEP
AERO and the Big Bend Biz frontpage
Institute for Non-Profit Innovation and Excellence
Domi's Get Started Program

4. Continue the Conversation Online

If you follow the right hashtags (#IHeartTally, #techTLH, #startupTLH) and content producers, Tallahassee’s social conversation never sleeps. The list of go-to mavens is long, but here’s a handful worth following and engaging:

Innovation TLH
Massive Corp
Knight Creative Communities Institute
Access Tallahassee
1 Million Cups

5. Build What You Want to See

Startup communities are led by those that stand up, charge forward, and build what's missing. If you know of a resource the community needs, bring it here. If you know of an event that needs to happen each month, start organizing it. Reach out to others for support, promotion, and collaboration. But don't shy away from leaving your own mark and blazing your own trail. The world belongs to the creators. We’re committed building a thriving startup community in Tallahassee. Why not jump in and start building it with us?


A shorter version of this article originally ran in the Tallahassee Democrat.