After months of preparation alongside our Board of Directors, staff, and community partners, Lucas Lindsey will be stepping down as Domi’s Executive Director at the end of March. 

Lucas has played a core role in Domi’s operation and growth since our nonprofit first opened its doors almost four years ago. He was hired as Domi’s Community Manager in May 2014, serving as the organization’s first employee. In July 2016, Lucas was named Executive Director, marking the beginning of a phase we affectionately called Domi 2.0.

“Without a doubt, Tallahassee is a different, more dynamic city than the one I moved to for grad school six years ago, and I’m proud that Domi has played a role in making that happen,” Lucas said. “Our community is in a strong position to double down on the recent momentum toward building a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

During Lucas’ time as Executive Director, Domi hit a number of important milestones, such as

  • Engaging 58 early-stage startup teams in a Domi incubator program;  
  • Increasing the diversity of our Get Started program, with women representing 40% and people of color representing 50% of participants;
  • Launching I/O Avenue, a nonprofit digital skills academy, in partnership with Florida A&M University and the Mayor’s Office

“Lucas was pivotal over the last few years to the activity and impact of Domi Station,” said David Lawson, Chairman of Domi’s Board of Directors, “Under his leadership, we saw strong growth in membership, programming, and community partnerships. He will be missed, but we couldn’t be happier for his family as they take on the next phase of life.”

Lucas plans to relocate this summer to Phoenix, where his wife has accepted a faculty position at Arizona State University. Returning to his roots in urban planning and real estate, he will be joining Venue Projects, a redevelopment practice active across Arizona.

For Lawson and Domi’s Board members, the next steps are clear: Finalize the selection of a new Executive Director and execute a smooth transition. To that end, Lucas will remain available to the team as a consultant through June.

“We have spent the last few months interviewing experienced, entrepreneurial candidates from across the country,” Lawson said. “We are excited to be nearing the finish line, and we will have an announcement ready within the next few weeks.”