Domi Station and Announce Strategic Partnership

Domi is excited to announce our partnership with, an online platform offering startups education, mentors and growth tools, to better support entrepreneurs in Tallahassee.

Through this strategic partnership, we will leverage as our online platform for our entrepreneur incubation programs: Gear Up and Ascend. will enhance the entrepreneur education experience through a flipped classroom approach where participants can customize their educational experience. “Partnering with allows Domi to provide a lot more value to entrepreneurs. Through the platform, they now have access to exclusive digital content including playbooks, expert advice, and videos from authorities such as Steve Blank and Alexander Osterwalde,” said Antonio Montoya, Executive Director of Domi Station. “In addition, provides digital tools to help entrepreneurs develop their business plan and financial models, resources for effective fundraising, and much more,” added Montoya.

“Partnering with Domi Station allows us to multiply our impact by reaching entrepreneurs at a community level. Domi will provide entrepreneurs with additional hands-on support to complement their online experience and make their chances for success even higher,” said Wil Schroter, Founder and CEO of

The platform brings access to specialized educational content, business plan development tools, financial modeling, and playbooks along with many other resources. If you’re interested in participating in the programs, please visit:

About Domi Station

Through their incubation programs, Domi Station offers entrepreneurs two paths to launch and scale their business: Gear Up and Ascend. The programs focus on offering flexible online content, in-person workshops, and industry mentors for entrepreneurs to validate, launch, and grow their companies. By utilizing powerful tools, content, and community, Domi Station creates a space where entrepreneurs have the resources to succeed. 

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About provides education and tools to walk aspiring Founders through the entire startup process: including education, business planning, mentorship, customer acquisition, funding, and staffing.

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Contact person:  Wil Schroter

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