Get Started is a program designed to help our local startup community grow. Through our cohort, we help startups test their ideas and bring them into reality. Here are the companies that made up the Spring 2018 Cohort:

Sean Barton & Cody Vincent | Linus Industries

Customizable Circular Woven Dome Building

Customizable Circular Woven Dome Building

Sean has always known that the entrepreneurial path was the one to take– At age 15, he started private tutoring sessions. At age 20, his first company. “I believed that my passion was in making things that would be immediately useful for people. Entrepreneurship is the way to create new things that are useful.” For him, it’s less about being his own boss and more so about creativity. When it comes to social entrepreneurship, Sean’s primary goal is to reduce overall cost of all things financially and environmentally. Linus Industries provides low-cost weatherproof and environmentally-protective enclosures via woven building technology. Through Sean’s work and his everyday lifestyle, efficiency is always present. He joined the Get Started program Spring 2018 and continues to be a member at Domi Station. “Domi has provided a community for me. Entrepreneurship can get lonely since you’re striking out on your own.”

To learn more about Linus Industries and their woven structures, visit

Jessica | Gifts For Confidence

As a Senior Girl Scout, Jessica created what is now her non-profit business called “Gifts for Confidence.” It was originally a sewing program and ultimately won the Girl Scout Gold Award. After enrolling into a few entrepreneurship courses at Florida State University and becoming a member of FSU Center for Leadership and Social Change Moellership Program, Jessica became interested in the possibility of turning Gifts for Confidence into a real business and she did just that. Gifts for Confidence is helping consumers shop ethically. Whenever someone purchases a product, they’ll know the name of the person who worked on it and how their purchase will support the education of the girls they are helping. “Our main focus is educating our girls to develop skills that will help them secure jobs in their communities.” Eventually, Jessica would like to have touch points of Gifts for Confidence throughout the world and start other trade skill programs for young girls in developing countries. Be sure to visit if you’d like to donate or purchase any items!

Amy Beaven | Moda Travel

Amy created Moda Travel with the hopes of helping people travel more and have new experiences at an affordable cost. It started in her beach property, where she would encounter travelers and other property owners from time to time. “I was learning a lot about the vacation rental industry and saw ways to improve the marketing and booking process, especially for off-season travel when the beach is particularly nice and visited by geographically closer and more flexible travelers.” Two years ago, Amy decided to create Moda Travel. While competitors like AirBnB and HomeAway were quickly growing, Moda Travel set themselves apart by building the technology that helps travelers book quality vacation rentals at the best prices. Their mission is to “connect guests and owners over the shared love of a place.” Ultimately, Amy wants her customers to daydream about travelling. As of right now, Moda Travel is just starting to build, test, iterate, and grow. Over the next year, she will be pushing products out to travelers and vacation rental owners and ultimately growing Moda Travel. To plan your next trip with Moda Travel, visit

Nedgie Paul | Gleauxxx

After realizing her chosen career path at school was not bring her happiness, Nedgie decided to create something that brought her joy: Gleauxxx, a personalized hair care company that caters to women of color. Their products aim to improve the overall health and quality of hair. The products sent to each customer are made specifically for their hair care needs. It allows for a customer experience that is tailored to each individual. Nedgie would like to see Gleauxx, LLC eventually become one of the leading health and beauty product lines in the industry with plans to expand from hair care and include personalized skin care, bath and body, and even fragrance. “As long as I put in the work necessary to keep it growing, the future of Gleauxx, LLC is looking very bright...I wish to uplift and inspire young women to become the best versions of themselves.” To check out her products and get your very own Gleauxxx kit, visit

John Minas | Minas Hospitality

John Minas began pursuing his passion for the culinary arts as early as he could remember. Watching his mother and grandfather prepare traditional Armenian and Middle Eastern dishes.

As a first generation American, food connects Minas to his cultural heritage. After training at the Culinary Institute of America, John worked at different restaurants. Most recently, here in Tallahassee where he served the Governor and First Lady of the State of Florida. To learn more about him and view his different services, visit

Judy Rushin | Comma

Art flows through every aspect of Judy’s life. She is apart of the faculty at FSU’s Art Department and co-directs Commabox. The purpose behind it is to build art communities across the country through its pop-up shows, exhibitions, and annual boxed collections of small art objects. It gives a voice to artists across the nation in a way where people can enjoy it personally. To view their different products and new artwork, visit