When Bryant Joseph and Connor Grady studied at Florida State University, they wanted one thing: for local food truck Kübanos to deliver their delicious Cuban cuisine in a convenient and cost-effective way. At the time, there was no service in Tallahassee that adequately tapped into everyone’s introspective longing for low-cost delivery from their favorite local restaurants.

After Joseph and Grady graduated from FSU, they began building their concept and developed a concession delivery app which they presented to their friend Zach Zelner, CEO of Z Baked. The team fused Joseph and Grady's tech expertise with Zelner’s operations experience to create an independent, tech-based food delivery service called Penny Delivery! Aside from fulfilling college-day yearnings, Penny's main goal is to solve a clear problem: Tallahassee needed an efficient delivery service for non-fast food options.

Penny Delivery is a service that delivers food from local restaurants like Kiku Japanese Fusion, Madison Social, Guthrie's, and Starbucks who typically do not offer delivery services. “We route orders very competently and our entire model is predicated on achieving a level of efficiency that is necessary for us to sustain what we do,” Joseph tells us.

The structure of Penny’s network of drivers is formulated to allow space for service expansion, where partnerships with retail stores hold a lot of promise for future endeavors. “Any local store can have same-day shipping as an option,” Joseph says. “We have a network of drivers who are already delivering, which lets us make other kinds of deliveries more efficiently.”

From their versatile experiences of living and operating here for a period of time, Joseph, Grady, and Zelner have gained a unique understanding of the geography and customer base in Tallahassee. The capital city serves as a testbed for exploring other opportunities in a market in which they have familiarity. The founding team constantly works to understand and meet the needs of the ever-evolving market. However, their eye remains focused on why they started in the first place. “It’s always good to solve a problem that you experienced first hand, that’s what happened with Penny Delivery,” says Joseph. Tallahassee can now order Kübanos for the fee of a penny. 

Next time you're hungry, treat-yo-self by eating out without going out. Order from Penny Delivery’s array of food and snacks at any time of the day. Companies interested in doing business with Penny may contact headquarters here.

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