It’s 6 A.M. and your alarm goes off. You wake up, shut it off, and put your socks on. But these aren’t just any socks. These socks carry you through your day. These socks are sometimes the only ones there to see you succeed or fail. These socks know and share your struggle. These socks help you build your story every day. They tell tales of the bold who take “no” and turn it into “keep going”. They are worn by the movers and shakers that turn problems into opportunities.

Until now, these socks didn’t have a face or story of their own. But that changes today. Introducing Sockpreneurs, a collaboration between DivvyUp and Domi Station to raise funds for the first ever Get Started scholarship. This initiative will also aid DivvyUp’s mission of donating a pair of socks to a homeless shelter with every pair of Sockpreneurs sold.

Starting today until October 25th you may purchase a pair or two (or more!) and pick them up on November 3rd during our Sock Party at Domi. Your purchase can make a huge impact. Only 47 pairs are needed to get an entire company through the program.

So let’s break it down, when you buy a pair, you donate a pair to a homeless shelter AND help fund an entrepreneur’s journey. That’s a pretty amazing story for your socks to tell. Wear them when you need an extra kick of motivation, inspiration, boldness, or even grooviness. Create impact and celebrate with us the growth of our local startup community! Get your sockpreneurs today: