A little more than four years ago, Domi Station set up shop here in Tallahassee. Since then, we've gotten to know our neighbors– both new and old. The surrounding businesses contribute something to this community that makes it unique. Over the past few months,  our team has been meeting up with local restaurants in hopes of getting to know them, their work, and their mission like never before. We want to highlight what makes them special in our community and with #TheNeighborhood, we did just that. There are dozens of businesses that we want to showcase and throughout these next few months we'll be posting on our social media accounts,  as well as on this blog. Here's the first group that we interviewed! Enjoy #TheNeighborhood Part One:


Walking into Voodoo Dog for some might feel a bit nostalgic– reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s with their arcade machines, movie posters, dolls, and toys. After speaking with the owners, if there is one thing they want you to know about their restaurant is that it’s a place where you can feel at home. So much so that a majority of the decor displayed throughout the restaurant comes straight from one of the owners very own childhood home. It first opened its doors in 2010, when they saw the need for a restaurant in the community. Coupled with budding artistry that already existed at Railroad Square Art Park, they fit right in while also standing out. Their menu features many delicious and unique options. Where else can you find a bacon-wrapped hot dog with mac n cheese on top? Voodog is where you go when you’re craving the classic taste of a hot dog but need a twist. Check out their extensive menu and give it a try! Join them from 3-6PM for Happy Hour and daily specials.


Right around the corner from Voodoo Dog you can grab a cup of coffee at All Saints Cafe. When it was founded, it only had one mission at the time: to provide the community with a coffee shop because there wasn’t one. Despite the current and upcoming developments made in the area, and the addition of several coffee locations, this mission still stands true for All Saints Cafe today. They simply want to be your local go-to place for a good cup of joe with a space to relax, study, meet, and dine.

When they first opened in the early 2000s, they were looking to set themselves apart from a traditional and modern chain coffee shop. At the time, the local neighborhood had a “punk-rock” and “do-it-yourself” culture that All Saints embodied.

They have a vegan menu and one of their signature items is their Chai Spice Blend. They make theirs in-house and from scratch. Aside from that, you’ll find traditional coffee drinks like cappuccinos, americanos, and lattes..

Next time you’re there try their Chai Latte! They’re open until midnight most nights and have plenty of seating if you’re in need of place to meet or study.


Similar to the need All-Saints filled for a local coffee shop in the area, years later Gaines Street Pies felt as though the community needed a go-to-place for delicious pizza. Opened in 2013, Jeremy and Ryan partnered up to create Gaines Street Pies. Originally located in a comic book store, Gaines Street Pies kept that aesthetic and paid homage to it when they moved to their current space. When entering the restaurant, there are murals of comic book characters on the walls as well as other pop-art graphics.

The fun and funky items you see on the menu are inspired by Jeremy and Ryan’s personalities and ideas. When they opened, they wanted to make sure they were making the best product possible– Tomatoes imported from Italy, bacon made fresh, and only the best and freshest ingredients available to top their pizzas with. All of their ingredients are homemade which contributes to their unique taste.

They’re also involved with many organizations like “Going Places,” “Project Bridge,” and “Carters Corner,” – all focused on helping those in need. It’s more than pizza for them, it’s about their bond with the community.

Open until 3AM, they’re your reliable late-night food source. They have a lunch special every day from 11AM-4PM and Trivia Night on Thursdays!


Located in College Town, just a few streets away from Gaines is Vale Food Co. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, meat-lover, or a salad-eater, Vale’s got you covered. After speaking with Sunny Ilyas, the Founder and CEO of Vale Food Co, he made it clear that they want to offer something for everyone that walks into their restaurant. While attending school here at Florida State, Sunny realized that it was difficult to find healthy food options on a college-budget that actually tasted good. He decided to solve that problem and created Vale Food Co back in August 2014.

The definition of Vale is “to live an earthly life.” That being said, the earth tones and elements that are displayed throughout the restaurant were created with that motto in mind. In fact, a lot of the wood found in the building is reclaimed wood. They not only want to look “earthly” they want to make sure they’re being sustainable in their approach.

When looking at their menu, you’ll see a variety of options. Their menu is geared towards showcasing the world’s flavors. They have every type of cuisine – From BBQ to Asian and South Western to Mediterranean. Vale knows that in order for people to experience different flavors, diversity is a must. “We offer such a diverse menu because we know that in order for people to  want to experience different flavors you need to diversify”.

Vale is opening up shop at a new location in Tallahassee. Their new restaurant will be located next to the new Target on West Tennessee. It doesn’t stop in Tallahassee though; Vale has  expanded to Gainesville, Downtown Tampa, and Jacksonville. Be sure to stop by and show them you checked in on Facebook for 10% off your meal.

When it comes to restaurants in this community, it’s not just about the food they serve. #TheNeighborhood wants to highlight all the awesome locations found right here in this area.

Next month we’ll be featuring a new set of restaurants! Until next time, follow us on Instagram to get a sneak peak.