Don't Look Now, But You're One License Away from the Next Great Startup

In collaboration with Florida State University's Office of Commercialization, Domi is making available the following clearinghouse of select FSU research and technology. Each concept is ready for a team of ambitious entrepreneurs to license and take to market. Florida State University's Office of Research was responsible for more than $200m in funding activity over the last year alone. To view the full list of over 250 available technologies, click here.


More Accurate Winter Forecasts 

Despite 50 years of history of numerical weather predictions, existing numerical models still cannot provide useful information about individual winter storms and their associated cold air outbreak events at a lead time beyond two weeks. Florida State University has developed a new model that breaks this two-week limit barrier by forecasting individual winter storms and cold air outbreak events 14-50 days in advance.


Virtual intervention delivery for anxiety and depression

Technology is increasingly used to assist medical professionals. In regard to risk factors, our approach has been to develop interactive computer programs that guide participants through the information and skills needed to correct the problem of interest. These computer programs are brief (under one hour) and are readily disseminated via the web.


Structurally Reinforced Transparent Barrier

Florida State University has developed a transparent bulletproof barrier that is both lightweight and inexpensive. The barrier can be built to any size limited and can be repaired on site. It can be designed to be used as temporary, portable structures or built into permanent structures both existing and new. 


Flat-pack furniture Project

A line of furniture from the nationally-ranked Department of Interior Design at Florida State University.
Each furniture piece is designed to be Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufactured and flat-pack shipped, have the ability to be constructed with little to no tools and hardware, and minimize material waste. Various materials can be used, including but not limited to, plywood, maple, and bamboo.



password cracking software

Researchers at Florida State University have created a system and method of probabilistic passwords cracking. This technology is a novel password cracking system that generates password structures in highest probability order. The program, called UnLock, automatically creates a probabilistic context-free grammar (CFG) based upon a training set of previously disclosed passwords. 


High-performance Biocompatible polymer

Researchers at Florida State University's Department of Chemistry have biocompatible polymer with FDA approved components and potential applications in wound, burn, and tactical combat casualty care. 


Light-Emitting Diode Technology

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are used widely in solid state lighting, electronic displays, bio-imaging, and photovoltaic applications. A cheaper, more efficient LED device can impact multiple markets.