• Domi Station (map)
  • 914 Railroad Ave
  • Tallahassee, FL, 32310
  • United States

This session is aimed at people who are new to git and the concepts of distributed version control systems (DVCS). If you're just getting started using git or have never used it and want to learn about it, this session is for you.

We'll cover: 
Basic principles of DVCS and how they might differ from the version control systems that you're accustomed to.- Why the command line is your friend (but we'll look at some GUI tools as well).- Examples covering common git usage scenarios.- Using git on a development team.

Note: because this is the .NET user group we'll be using Windows for the examples in this talk, though many of the tools we'll look at also have Mac versions and the concepts will be the same regardless of what operating system you use.

Jesse is a software developer from Tallahassee, FL. He currently works building Windows desktop software at Articulate (http://www.articulate.com), but has helped deliver valuable systems on a variety of platforms over the course of his career. He believes that building software requires a lot more than just writing code and spends a lot of time thinking about ways to optimize all facets of the software delivery machine wherever he goes.

Food will be provided.  Please RSVP if you are coming! 

Blog:  http://gruffcode.com 
Twitter: @appakz 
GitHub:  http://github.com/appakz