With the Business of Startups track, we want to help founders understand the OTHER product they have to build: the company itself. Many founders focus on the idea and "the thing" in their early stages, and neglect a really important aspect of startups: how to ACTUALLY make money while building a company that lasts.

In the Lunch & Learn series, we'll be watching videos from Stanford University's Startup School that delve into the business aspects of startup life, followed by a group discussion led by local startup founder Robert McLaws on the impact of the topic on local startups. The videos will feature some of Silicon Valley's best and brightest, dropping real-world knowledge straight from the trenches.

In the first video, Kirsty Nathoo, Partner and CFO at Y Combinator, will discuss important legal issues surrounding Startup Mechanics, based on her work helping thousands of companies through all stages of their life.

So grab your lunch and come on down as we learn how to build the future from some of the foremost minds in Silicon Valley! Please don't forget to register so we'll know how many will be attending. See you then!

**This event will be hosted at the TCC Center for Innovation (300 South Duval Street).**