Hannah King, Founder & CEO of Woven Futures joins Startup Grind Tallahassee on March 22nd, 6pm, at Domi Station

Born in Guatemala, Hannah King, a Junior studying International Affairs at FSU, always wanted to stay connected to her roots. Two years ago, she moved back to Guatemala for the summer and realized how much struggle indigenous communities in the country faced. Artisans held so much natural talent in design and weaving but lacked the resources to market their products. In the Fall of 2017, through the FSU InNOLEvation Challenge, Hannah began Woven Futures, a fashion company dedicated to empowering indigenous artisan women around the globe while creating meaningful connections within the US. Woven Futures bridges the resource gap for artisans and puts transparency and authenticity at its forefront. Through the online platform (www.wovenfutures.com) you can read about artisans, how they make your products, and the social impact that you create when you purchase a product.

6:00PM: Networking and Food
6:45PM: Fireside Chat with Hannah
8:00PM: Networking

*Credit/Debit cards will be accepted at the door.

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