If you've got an idea, this is what comes next! Join us for an evening discussion about rising startups breaking through conventional industries in unconventional ways. Hear from local entrepreneurs and leave with important takeaways, examples, and resources to help you get started on your own entrepreneurial journey. Where innovation is key, how outside of the box are you willing to go?

Food and drinks provided.

Sarah Bolinder - co-founder and president of Chop Midtown.
After spending nearly a decade as an attorney, she left active practice to focus on the challenge of a lifetime – changing the hair industry as we know it one barbershop at a time. In two and a half years, Chop has grown under Sarah’s leadership from a five-chair shop to three thriving locations in Tallahassee, Florida with over 25 employees. She is currently working toward expansion in both the local and national market and developing new technology specifically for barbershops and their clientele. Sarah is a mother of three and she enjoys co-managing the business with her husband of twelve years, Steve Bolinder.

Paul Bradshaw - founder of Southern Strategy Group.
Paul started his first business 30 years ago in Railroad Square. Since that time he’s helped launch dozens of new businesses across a broad range of industries. He’s been instrumental in starting a chicken hatchery, a Christmas ornament company, a video game bar, a lobbying firm, a digital media firm, a real estate development company, among others. He’s also been an angel investor in small local businesses. A few have been very successful, others have limped along with modest profits, and most have failed. But, each has offered valuable lessons worth dissecting.

Nick Telford and Michael Bracciale - founders of Fly Mouthwash
Nick graduated from Florida State University in 2017 with a degree in Finance and Professional Sales. Nick has been working on this idea since early in his college career, alongside Michael. He now focuses on FLY's customer experience and increasing brand awareness. Michael graduated from FSU in 2015 with a degree in Exercise Physiology, and minors in both Psychology and Chemistry. He went on to spend two semesters in the Biomedical Science Master's program at the University of South Florida but left to start Fly Mouthwash. With their recent launch, Michael focuses on building brand awareness and education about the new concept.