• Domi Station (map)
  • 914 Railroad Avenue
  • Tallahassee, FL, 32310
  • United States

Open to all, ladies & gents, alike! It’s International Coworking Week. So it’s the perfect time to learn more about how COWORKING CAN BENEFIT YOU, and our community. Join us for a discussion this Wednesday with Domi Station’s new Executive Director for “Coworking Stories by Antonio Montoya.” As someone with a love for seeing entrepreneurs succeed, Antonio will share how a dynamic coworking environment provides not only a great PLACE to work, but a better WAY to work. Whether stories from the past, tips and tools, or opportunities going forward, see why coworking is growing successful entrepreneurs here in Tallahassee and globally. And bring your appetite. A yummy lunch will be provided by Domi. Be sure to RSVP!