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We know this is a complicated question, our funders are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse startup community; this data helps track how we are doing based on cultural heritage.
Domi is committed to building a diverse startup community--one that looks just like our city looks in terms of age, gender, and race/ethnicity. We collect high-level demographic data in order to internally assess our progress toward diversity goals. Note: We keep all individual level data confidential.
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How do you feel about the following statements?
I am confident in my ability to develop an idea into a business
I am an elite communicator, I can convey my message and idea
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I am confident in my ability to advertise on Social Media
I have a deep knowledge of finances and budgets
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Are you trying to grow and exit a venture-scale company, build a strong lifestyle business, or solve a big problem? What would you like to see happen three to five years from now?
About Our Program
Get Started is a six-month-long program. The first two-and-a-half months include weekly classes with the entire cohort. Cohort workshops begin in September 25 and last until December 4. The remaining months include monthly one-on-one check-ins with Domi staff and mentors.
Programs fees pay for costs such as course materials and curriculum licensing. The Get Started program includes six months of 24/7 access to Domi Station, an on-demand group of 20+ mentors, and the support of our community. Note: The program fee is waived for current students of FSU and FAMU.
Domi collects high-level economic development related data in order to report to our funding partners and prove the value of entrepreneurship support. We share this data as required by our grantors and donors (such as the Economic Development Agency).