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Welcome to the Tallahassee Mentor Network at Domi. Use this page as a dashboard for your mentor resources.


  • Brush up on and develop your business knowledge

  • Write your business plan

  • Develop a financial model with an intuitive and easy to use new financial tool

  • Look into and learn about acquiring additional funding

  • There is a lot more in your membership, we will be focusing on the above modules for the purposes of GearUp and Ascend.

domi Resources

  • Check our Entrepreneurship Guide for information accelerators, competitions, conferences, grants, and investors in our network. (you might need to request access to this resource, contact our staff if you don’t have it yet)

  • You can find your booking page and bio on our mentor network at Oncehub.

  • Please remind your mentees to schedule their appointments in the Mentor Scheduling Page on their portal.



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Guiding Principles

Please reference our Code of Conduct and our Mentor Guidelines.

Common Q&A section coming soon… in the meantime contact the Director of Entrepreneurship for any questions.