For our birthday this year we’re launching “The Domi Awards,” an opportunity for our community to recognize local entrepreneurs that have left a mark in our city.

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This award is presented to someone who fully embodies the adventurous and innovative spirit of an entrepreneur. This person’s wealth of curiosity, mixed with their imagination and ambition, makes for the ultimate innovator. Their ability to see the big picture is reflected in all of their ventures.

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This award applauds the entrepreneur who is focused on sustainability. With every decision made, this person takes into consideration the effects that their business will have not just personally but globally, by placing their environmental and social impact at the heart of it.

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This award represents the entrepreneur who, through their energy and actions, captivates and activates those around them. This person, though daring, utilizes their business to motivate others to take chances and tap into the visionaries within themselves.

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This award recognizes the entrepreneur that takes the phrase “community-oriented” to the next level. Aside from offering constant support to their peers, this person is devoted to making Tallahassee an inclusive environment for all. Significant efforts can be seen within the development of their business that serve to uplift the community through collaboration and care for others.

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This award highlights the entrepreneur who embraces the unknown. With no fear of change, this person is constantly pivoting and looking for ways to improve their business. Through persistence and dedication, this person is seemingly always going the extra mile, while trying to learn and grow along the way.


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