Domi is an amazing place where great things happen, but it doesn’t happen magically! Creating a startup community takes an enormous amount of effort and coordination by many stakeholders and supporters.  While the building, desks, and chairs are what we tend to see initially, the connection to people and networks are far more valuable. If you have ever tried to open a business yourself and paid market rate for rent, attorneys, accountants, or tried to break into a market, you know how valuable the environment we provide really is. We are asking for this information in order to understand where your business is at so we can better support your endeavors. We also need certain metrics in order to quantify the impact we are making in the community so that we can receive more funding and continue our mission to produce human outcomes. Thanks for sharing your progress so that we can fully tell and support the value of what we do at Domi.

General Information
Need one metric per company. If you don't have a formal company name yet, a working title is good!
Current company address
Current company address
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Point of Contact
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Funding to date
How much cash money have you or people very close to you (friends and family) have invested.
How much formal debt have you used to fund your business - like a bank loan?
How much equity capital have you raised from angels or investors?
Have you gotten any grants?
Gross sales
Total gross sales since day one
How can Domi help?
What is your biggest challenge/roadblock right now?

Why do we need metrics?

What do we need?  Metrics.  A set per company.  Why?  Because our stakeholders and supporters need to see the economic value created by our environment so they will continue to support us.  Since 2017, we have been fortunate to have received the invaluable support of FAMU's REACH initiative which draws Federal funding from the Economic Development Administration, which has very specific reporting requirements. Our metrics are also important to other partners such as OEV, Leon County, and Florida State University. Last but not least, we also want to use the information to improve.

Metrics are collected in the Spring and Fall.  Information is kept confidential and are only shared as required by our grants, typically in the aggregate as overall Key Performance Indicators.  For students or people that have gone through programs that are subsidized, like "Get Started", you are required to share this information with us as per our agreement.

Please complete the survey so that we can continue to evolve and better serve our Tallahassee startup community.