Welcome to Domi’s flagship entrepreneurial program--where early-stage companies come together for six months to focus on their people, examine their process, and build their product. The first three months are spent in classroom facilitation, covering purpose, business model, and customer discovery. This prepares entrepreneurs to launch in the second half of program.

Program Goals

  • Start your startup or expand your existing business into new verticals
  • Understand the value of a minimal viable product and validate market fit
  • Meet fellow entrepreneurs, form teams, and establish powerful business relationships
  • Build the next great company in Tallahassee

PROGRAM details

  • Deadline to apply is January 15th, 2018 at 11:59 pm; Cohort members will be admitted as a class following the close of applications
  • Program will start on February 6th with a 3-month cohort-based class, meeting weekly with the cohort and program facilitator on Tuesday nights from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.
  • Class graduates will receive an additional 3 months to implement, utilizing Domi's mentors, staff, space, and resources to accelerator growth and stay accountable.

Program Benefits

  • Mentoring:
    • Viability of the business model and customer discovery
    • Technology stack and implementation
    • Market research and go-to-market strategy
    • Funding strategy
    • Connection to industry and subject matter experts
  • Accountability
  • Access to a network of seasoned entrepreneurs, tech experts, and business leaders
  • Introductions to investors and pitch prep
  • 6 months of coworking access and amenities


  • $600 per team; Includes program materials, intensive mentorship, and up to 6-months of 24/7 access to Domi Station
  • Verified students and faculty of FSU and FAMU are eligible for scholarships to cover program fees


Fall 2017

Spring 2017:

  • Alex Scott & Melissa Scott - Churn Twenty-Two
  • Alfred Nelson - GSD
  • Amelia Davis - LuvLife Foods
  • Ansel Diama - Gourmet Pup Club
  • Armand Dikranian - Footy Training
  • Drew Graff - St. Evers Sausage House
  • Joe Marino & Raquel Cisneros - Defense Points LLC
  • Jon Brown - Black Men's Health
  • Kyle Stratis - NASDANQ
  • Summer Calenberg - Drip Drop Fitness
  • Victor Whaley & Brian Gorniak - AdionA

Fall 2016: