Build a foundation

Welcome to Gear Up, an accelerator program covering the fundamentals of business to help you validate and launch your venture. The program is based on an online curriculum and digital tools to develop your business plan and financial models. The online experience is enhanced with in-person workshops that focus on the deliverables you will need for your startup journey. Participants will work through modules covering different aspects of their business model. You may customize the modules you take –if you show you have achieved the prerequisites, making the program flexible and convenient to complete at your own pace.

Program Goals

  • Build a foundational understanding of entrepreneurship and business basics.

  • Understand the value of a minimal viable product and validate market fit

  • Meet fellow entrepreneurs, form teams, and establish powerful business relationships

  • Preparation for the launch and growth your venture through our incubation program, Scale Up.

Program Details

  • Rolling admissions. Register when you are ready and start working immediately. Sign up for the modules you need to take.

  • Online curriculum. Study at your own pace –whenever & wherever. Easy access via computer, all you need is wifi.

  • Modules. Month-long modules focused on a specific business areas with in-person workshops, facilitated by experts in each area. This is the chance for you to develop and validate your idea along with other Gear Up fellows.

  • Customized experience. Only focus on the things you want to learn. Have the flexibility to pick and choose what areas of entrepreneurship you want to focus on and expand your knowledge.

  • Pay as you go. Only pay for the modules you take.


A. Benefits Graphic-02.png


  • Personal Readiness & Team Building

  • Idea Validation & Product Development

  • Financial Modeling & Sustainability

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Incorporation, Compliance, Financial Controls & Launch

  • Pitching your startup