“Funny name, amazing software” welcomes you to the website of dynamic Tallahassee-based software developing service called Cuttlesoft. From its innocent Florida State undergrad roots to its newest expansion to Colorado, Cuttlesoft’s funny name seems like it will only be spiraling off more tongues as the former startup continues to flourish.

The story of Cuttlesoft began how many other startups have begun: innocently and unexpectedly. Founders, Frank Valcarcel and Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel, met at a computer science lecture at Florida State University in their undergrad years. It did not take long for the duo to hit it off professionally and personally. Their professional networking began in 2014 when they met Brewfest, Tallahassee at one of Domi Station’s monthly Happy Hours. After a couple of beers and flavorful conversations, Frank and Emily volunteered to build an impromptu pro-bono mobile app for the local beer festival. Less than a year later, a small software and IT consulting startup agency was born.

Fast forwarding to three years later, Cuttlesoft expanded their services to the west, opened an office in Denver, Colorado, and currently balances more than 15 client projects between their Colorado and Florida locations.

Cuttlesoft has grown into a service that provides a unique level of expertise in custom software development and IT consulting by helping clients through business analysis, design, and development of a wide range of IT solutions including cloud computing, custom web and mobile apps, and more.

“We don't outsource any development or design; everything our team builds is 100% domestic,” adds Nick Farrell, Cuttlesoft’s Director of Communications, “We are a people-first organization.”

The future of Cuttlesoft is looking snowy but very bright with their current success in both offices. However, they do aim to extend their services to artificial intelligence and conversational computing, as well as continuing to support the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the cities who've helped them succeed.

What the community can do for Cuttlesoft is spread word of their incredibly diverse services and their insightful Startup Capital interview series and podcast focused on spotlighting Tallahassee’s ever-growing startup community.

Cuttlesoft accurately depicts the unique talents, strengths, and savviness that lives and cultivates in Tallahassee.

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